Photo and film recordings [Celebrating 100 years of Steinmeyer]

During this company event, under certain circumstances, photographs and/or film footage may be taken and published in various media.

These recordings are connected with the pictorial representation of persons present, whereby the selection of persons is random, unlimited in time, content and space. The images can be displayed on our websites, print media and social media channels.

By entering the event venues as an implied act, the persons present agree to the publication free of charge in the above manner without the need for an express declaration by the person concerned.

The rights to the photographic material are transferred without remuneration and include the processing and transfer of rights to third parties (in particular the cooperation partners involved, media representatives, press photographers). If third parties act as contract processors for our company, they shall be obliged to comply with and implement all data protection regulations by means of contract processing agreements

If, as a visitor, you do not agree with the publication of a photograph of yourself immediately after a specific photograph has been taken, please contact the photographer directly so that he or she can delete the image material immediately.

If you, as the person concerned, do not agree with the publication of a photographic depiction of your person, please inform us immediately by e-mail, telephone or post with the exact name of the image in question. In this case, the image will be removed within a reasonable period of time and will not be published any further - as far as we are able to do so and with reasonable effort.

Responsible for the processing is August Steinmeyer GmbH & Co. KG, Riedstr. 7, 72458 Albstadt, Germany, phone: +49 7431 1288 0 represented by the management: Dr.-Ing. Manfred Münch

You can contact our data protection officer as follows: The above address with the addition of the name "Data Protection Officer" or by e-mail

We hope you will enjoy your time.

General data protection information with regard to publications:

When published on the Internet, personal data (including photos) can be accessed and stored worldwide. The data can thus also be found via so-called "search engines". It cannot be ruled out that other persons or companies may link the data with other personal data available on the Internet and thus create a personality profile, modify the data or use it for other purposes. Deletion is also no longer possible. In the case of publication within the framework of events, filming by third parties, e.g. via smartphones, cannot be prevented and uploading of the recordings to other websites is also possible.