Precision Lead Screws

Lead screws from Feinmess Suhl are characterized by repeatability, non-slip properties, high resolution and space-optimized installation.

  • High degree of effectiveness with long service life

    Lead screw taps, even special shapes, are no problem - at least not for us. Complicated shapes on shafts or nuts in connection with high demands on accuracy pose as little problem for us as galvanizing, scaling and lettering. The pairing of shafts and nuts is more than just assembly work. Not until a screw drive – turned between two fingers – feels like a high quality micrometer are we satisfied. Screw drives are as varied as their applications.

    Quality from the outset

    Profile accuracy, consistency in the screw thread diameter, accuracy in the pitch and best surface quality are decisive factors for the interplay of threaded shafts with a low-backlash nut. Checks carried out in parallel with production assure the quality of your end product from the outset – whether initial prototype or series production. As a low cost alternative to the ground spindle thread, rolling or cutting can be considered for drives with low demands on pitch accuracy or concentricity tolerances. Both production processes become more interesting if the threaded shafts do not have to be hardened afterwards. For example, if a spindle made of steel is combined with a nut made of brass, bronze or a special plastic.

  • Case studies and user reports

    Read our case studies and user reports and profit from the experience of our customers.


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