Automated processes for all areas

  • This area is distinguished by high speed motion and lower demands on positioning accuracy. For ball screw drives, a large pitch to diameter ratio and rolled spindle shafts are required.

    Dynamics and economy

    With various deflection systems, we are able to realize high speeds. Our fully automatic thread rolling system assures the cost effective production of spindle shafts.

    Applications in general automation require cost-effective operation and reliable performance. Here, our rolled ball screws are used in various designs and offer a good price/performance ratio.
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    Ball screws are widely used in the food and beverage industries. For example, in the molding of chocolates, injection of fluids / fillings or in high speed packaging and handling automation. Here too, much like in a medical environment… “food-safe” solutions include the use of stainless steel materials for improved resistance to cleaners and aggressive disinfectants.  Long term “food-safe” lubricants are also of great importance to the highly repetitive cycle rates and reliability demands of such 24hr. / 7day operations.
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