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  • In medical technology and biotechnology it is predominantly about people. The reliability and safety of our products create the necessary trust for this, which plays an important role for any application and system solution. We contribute towards the highest quality components in these systems and, in doing so, offer our customers the safety that they require. As a certified company, we take our role very seriously. Ongoing quality controls and audits are standard for us.

    Innovative ball screw drives and individual solutions

    The versatility of applications requires a variety of solutions. Our innovative ball screw drives provide you with the flexibility in design that you need to meet your performance challenges. At the same time, Steinmeyer offers individual customer solutions. These are worked out with you and our development team and produced completely individually. Production volumes up to several thousand units per year as well as assembly in a clean room do not present any difficulties for us. Likewise, we can supply through tailor-made logistics programs that are adapted to your needs.

    Ventilation devices

    With their low weight and remarkable load capacity, our miniature ball screws are perfect for use in ventilators.Not only do they offer outstanding performance, they are also easy to integrate into existing systems. Steinmeyer guarantees the long-term availability of our miniature ball screws so that you can meet the special requirements of the medical technology industry.

    Eye lasers

    Our miniature ball screws set new standards for smoothness and reliability in the world of eye laser technology. With an ingenious design, they not only provide smooth motion, but also consistent performance without any changes after removal. In a field where exceptionally smooth and precise motion is of paramount importance, our ball screws are indispensable. Not only do they offer smooth movement, but they also guarantee constant precision without any changes after acceptance.

    Laboratory and automation

    Servo-controlled axes are an important component of high throughput automated systems.  Ball Screw drives enable greater linear axis loads / stiffness and superior control over speeds and positioning accuracies.
    Examples include actuators and positioning stages, micro-fluidic dispensing systems, lab automation, sample handling, etc…
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    Computer tomographs

    The critically smooth, quiet and precise running behaviors of Steinmeyer zero-backlash ball screws have proven ideal in applications such as: Beam Articulation & Masking.  Here a miniature ball screw is the heart of an aperture control in a computer tomograph. During a CT scan in a CT scanner, the X-ray source inside the ring tunnel rotates around the patient several times per second. As a result of the high accelerations, enormous forces act on the X-ray source and thus also on the diaphragm. The correct adjustment of this X-ray diaphragm is carried out with the aid of a diaphragm regulator.

    Special stainless materials, lubricants and packaging can be provided. Steinmeyer can also provide accelerated reliability testing, enhanced quality standards, materials traceability certs and other supportive documentation for regulatory requirements.

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