Numbering System

Precision Ball Screws

For Example:
The product number above the table describes a ball screw with an internal return, flanged single nut according to DIN. It has a ground, single start thread with a lead of 5 mm, nominal diameter of 40 mm, threaded length of 800 mm, overall length of 900 mm, left hand threading, tolerance class of P3, and preloading.

Miniature Ball Screws

1. Selection of Screw

Choose screw type A, B or customized

2. Selection of Nut

According to the table above

Ordering Example ball screw:1412/ P3P

Ball screw with flange single nut, series 1412, screw type B, backlash-free, stroke 100 mm, accuracy class 3

Ordering Example ball screw:

Flange single nut, series 1412, mounted on customized screw shaft, ball-Ø 1,5 mm, 3 circuits. Please specify the accuracy class.