Optimum implementation of your needs

  • Expertise goes hand-in-hand with our products: finding technically optimized solutions for your application is always at the forefront. Ball screw drives are employed in many applications from the fields of engineering and science, thereby placing a whole array of different demands on our products. At Steinmeyer, we therefore know the importance of consultation and are pleased to offer you our extensive product knowledge right down to the finest detail. We will help you find innovative solutions and support you from the first draft to the final design and integration in your application.

    Numerous standard and custom solutions

    Our product range includes a wide selection of standard products as well as customer-specific solutions. As such, we produce ball screw drives that deviate in many ways from our standard: unusual nut shapes, different pitches or diameters, as well as special materials. If you are looking for a custom solution, it is time that you got in touch with us. We are happy to make a version according to your specifications.

    Innovation and precision

    Certified quality and long service life distinguish the products from Steinmeyer. Here, we embrace the challenges of our time. Combined with customer proximity and ongoing further development, this philosophy underpins the trust that customers have placed in us and continue to do so. Our product range of miniature ball screw drives to heavy duty ball screw drives is continually being enhanced and perfected. Our ETA+ technology is an excellent example of Steinmeyer innovation. Considerations made in its development included system-related requirements such as minimizing friction, heat build-up, and wear while simultaneously improving dynamics, load ratings, and positioning accuracy. With the performance achieved through ETA+ becoming more and more important, at a time when environmental factors such as energy and lubrication consumption play an increasingly significant role in machine tools as well, a further bonus is added without doubt. We developed Unilock – our patented, space-saving and infinitely adjustable connection between two nut sections – in exactly the same way.

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