Flange nuts on mounting sleeve

Rolled Ball Screws


  • Model series 8436

    Flange single nut with multiliner, wiper on both sides


    Model series 2446

    Flange single nut with end cap return, wiper on both sides, two or more threadstarts


  • Model series 8446

    Flange single nut with multiliner, wiper on both sides, two or more threadstarts


    Model series 3446

    Flange single nut with external high-speed through-the-nut return, wiper on both sides, two or more threadstarts


A benefit of a rolled ball screw with flanged nut is the increased rigidity and precision of the system due to better bearing of the balls. In addition, axial displacements are reduced, which leads to improved accuracy and repeatability. It also enables easy assembly and disassembly of the system. For higher accuracy and service life requirements, we recommend ground ball screws,optionally with ETA+ technology for enhanced energy efficiency.

Technical data and dimensions

The load ratings listed here apply to accuracy class T5. Use factor 0.9 for T7 and factor 0.7 for T10 in order to reduce load ratings.

Further specifications, dimensions and information on service life calculation and lubrication can be found in the general catalog for rolled ball screws.

Ball circles
ø D1
load capacity [kN]
load capacity [kn]
2446/10.16.3,5.616103 + 3443219.627.4
2446/10.20.3,5.620103 + 3493622.836.5
2446/20.20.3,5.420202 + 2573614.722.4
2446/10.25.3,5.625103 + 3494025.245.4
2446/20.25.3,5.425202 + 2574017.129.5
2446/25.25.3,5.425252 + 2664016.729
3446/ + 2685639.363.6
3446/ + 160 + 2x5*5618.226.5
3446/ + 3896364.9126.3
3446/40.40.7,5.440402 + 2107705996.6
8446/20.50.7,5.650203 + 3907584154.4
3446/20.63.7,5.663203 + 39195107.6249.1

* Wiper overlap


  • Shafts and nuts with standard dimensions shown here are available on short notice.
  • Additional sizes, ball screws assembled according to drawing, including machined journals with assembled nuts are available upon request.
  • Special dimensions not listed here, as well as corrosion-resistant ball screws, are also available upon request.

Fields of application for rolled ball screws

  • Dental Technology

    Outstanding corrosion-resistant design, ceramic ball versions, designed for wet or dry operation, custom lubrication or lubricant-free


  • Woodworking Industry

    Optionally with ground shaft outer diameter and special wipers.


  • Automation

    Cost-optimized, special lubrication e.g. grease for long-term lubrication, smooth-running, high-temperature, low-temperature and food-grade grease