Technical Tip

Because of the logarithmic scale on the chart to the left, data for long screws or screws with large diameter may be difficult to read. You may prefer to use this equation instead:

PB  Buckling [N]
dN  Nominal-ø [mm]
lS   unsupported screw length [mm]
m  bearing coefficient

The following factors refer to the bearing methods shown in the chart. Choose the appropriate one and use it as the variable m in the equation above:

Fixed - fixed (1): 22,4
Fixed - supported (2): 11,2
Supported - supported (3): 5,6
Fixed - free (4): 1,4

For safety reasons, a factor of 0.5 should be applied to the buckling load obtained.

If weight limitations or other considerations require a more accurate buckling analysis, please contact us.