All possible versions of ball screw drives

  • To produce a single ball screw drive, Steinmeyer carries out numerous processing stages. It is not uncommon for spindle shafts to run through more than 25 work steps before their completion. Steinmeyer, after all, stands for products with the highest quality and service life. We have a large selection of production processes at our disposal, including all common thread manufacturing methods such as grinding, whirling and rolling, and are therefore able to offer you the right drive technology for your task.

    Selected materials and optimum heat treatment

    Our drives must withstand high loads, so the first step in achieving high lifetime and reliability is the right choice of material. The purity level of the raw material, achieved for example by means of remelting under vacuum, guarantees the best resistance to material fatigue. Steinmeyer therefore only works with selected steels, for example high tensile strength steels such as Cronidur®, which satisfy the highest demands on purity and composition without cracks. But heat treatment before and during the individual processing stages is also decisive for the necessary geometrical accuracy and reliability. Hardening plays an important role here. Subsequent tempering reduces the tension and facilitates optimum precision in the next processing step.

    Thread grinding – a complex interplay

    High precision thread grinding counts among the production processes that require an exceptional degree of experience as well as state-of-the-art technologies. To attain the best possible quality during grinding, many factors are decisive – starting from the atmospheric environment to central supply of the filtered and cooled oil and adjoining measuring rooms. The service life, rigidity and running properties of the ball screw drives are determined considerably by the precision of the nuts. Even grinding of the nut threads for ball screw drives is more than just a question of the right machine.

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