Precision and reliability

  • The highest degree of precision and reliability is required with measuring technology. For optical measuring technology, in particular, the use of ground ball screw drives with pitches down to 0.5mm is not uncommon. Depending on the specification, special materials are also frequently used.

    Small installation space

    With optical measuring technology, the installation space is of significant importance. Steinmeyer offers solutions for extremely small installation spaces even in the standard range. With the smallest nominal diameter of 3mm, Steinmeyer offers ball screw drives that are perfectly suited to this requirement.

    Optical Industry

    In metrology, the highest degree of precision and reliability is required. Steinmeyer offers ground ball screws with fine pitch threads / leads as small as 0.50 mm!  Such smooth, precise, zero-backlash motions are critical to optical based systems.  Additional application examples include automated and manual systems for targeting / imaging micro & nanostructures, photonics and cellular / chemical analysis.
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