Segment Wiper

Segment wiper

Segment wipers are the standard in mechanical engineering applications. They reliably prevent the penetration of chips and coarse dirt particles, but allow a certain leakage of the lubricant. In connection with an automatic oil or grease supply, this results in a rinsing effect of the nut, which thus achieves a high operating safety.

Segment wipers have virtually no gap to the spindle thread due to spring pretensioned segments and protect the nut from most common soiling.

There are 2 variants:

  1. Injection-molded design made of special sealing material (preferred variant, as technologically superior)
  2. Laser-sintered variant (alternative solution, if no injection-molded version is available)
  • From Nominal-Ø 20 mm

  • Nominal-Ø 8 - 12 mm

  • Nominal-Ø 3 - 6 mm

  • From Nominal-Ø 32 mm for nuts with external return