Individual products for versatile applications

  • In most cases, the demands on custom machine construction also necessitate individual solutions regarding drive technology. For special machine constructions, Steinmeyer is therefore a competent partner in the development of tailor-made solutions for almost any problem. Through close collaboration with our business partners in the development of new products, we ensure lasting success not only with current projects but with future ones, too.

    Flexibility as a challenge

    The individuality of products is also a challenge in the manufacturing process. Modern production processes, coupled with high flexibility and vertical integration, make it possible for us to manufacture complex components. Moreover, it opens up the opportunity for us to produce small batch sizes cost effectively.

    Ball Screws for Heavy Duty Applications

    Our heavy-duty ball screws have been specially developed for heavy-duty applications as a robust and economical alternative to hydraulic cylinders. For example, for an injection molding machine to produce the blanks for the production and filling of plastic bottles.

    Click here for more information about our Ultra Thrust Ball Screws

  • Case studies and user reports

    Read our case studies and user reports and profit from the experience of our customers.


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