Screw shafts

Available for rolled ball screws of the following model series 2446, 3446, 8436, 8446, 8132 and 8142.

Technical data and dimensions

The maximum available length of screw shafts is specified here. Different shaft lengths are available at additional cost. The standard accuracy class for rolled screw shafts is T7. Tolerance classes T5, T9 and T10 are available upon request.

Further specifications, dimensions and information on service life calculation and lubrication can be found in the General catalog.

Order codeP [mm]dN [mm]Core diameter [mm]Ball diameter
dW [mm]
of threads
Pitch [mm]max. L [mm]
0035/5.16.3000.3000 T751612.93.5153000
0045/10.16.3000.3000 T7101612.93.5253000
0035/5.20.3000.3000 T752016.93.5153000
0045/10.20.3000.3000 T7102016.93.5253000
0045/20.20.3000.3000 T7202016.93.54 (2)5 (10)3000
0035/5.25.6000.6000 T752521.93.5156000
0045/10.25.6000.6000 T7102521.93.5256000
0045/20.25.6000.6000 T7202521.93.54 (2)5 (10)6000
0045/25.25.6000.6000 T7252521.93.55 (2)5 (12.5)6000
0035/5.32.6000.6000 T753228.93.5156000
0035/10.32.6000.6000 T7103226.861106000
0045/20.32.6000.6000 T7203226.862106000
0045/32.32.6000.6000 T7323226.864 (2)8 (16)6000
0035/5.40.6000.6000 T754036.43.5156000
0035/10.40.6000.6000 T7104033.37.51106000
0045/20.40.6000.6000 T7204034.362106000
0045/40.40.6000.6000 T7404033.37.54 (2)10 (20)6000
0035/10.50.6000.6000 T7105043.37.51106000
0045/20.50.6000.6000 T7205043.37.52106000
0035/10.63.6000.6000 T7106356.37.51106000
0045/20.63.6000.6000 T7206356.37.52106000
0035/10.80.6000.6000 T7108073.37.51106000

Standard accuracy class T7 (T5, T9, T10 upon request).
Additional charge for shorter lengths (cut lengths).
Length tolerance: 3 m -0.05 +0.1 m, 6 m -0.1 +0.15 m.
Straightness 0.2 mm/m spindle shaft.
2 x approx. 10 – 15 cm unhardened area on each screw shaft end.
(Used threads).


  • Shafts and nuts with standard dimensions shown here are available on short notice.
  • Additional sizes, ball screws assembled according to drawing, including machined journals with assembled nuts are available upon request.
  • Special dimensions not listed here, as well as corrosion-resistant ball screws, are also available upon request.
  • The Alternative in Linear Technology

    Rolled ball screws from Steinmeyer are in most of the cases a highly attractive alternative compared with other driving solutions, like rack and pinion or belt-drive systems.
    Steinmeyer rolled ball screws are used in linear modules in handling applications, in medical applications, and also on the feed axis in woodworking machining centers.

    Through a highly efficient and fully automated deformation process in the manufacturing of the screw shafts, Steinmeyer rolled ball screws exhibit a very attractive price-to-performance ratio, along with high precision. This product is available as a ready-made ball screw, with the nut mounted and bearing journal machined, or delivered as an unmounted shaft and nut.

    The hardened and tempered screw shafts can be produced in lengths up to 3m, for nominal diameters of 20mm or below, and up to 6m in diameters of 25mm and above.
    Steinmeyer rolled ball screws are executed in an accuracy class up to T5, looking at the lead error and also at all other specified tolerances in geometry and position.
    Using either a liner or an axial deflector system, the single nuts are designed with a flange according to ISO 3408 dimensions or with a connecting thread.

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