Guard Plus Technology

Status Monitoring of Ball Screws

  • Benefits

    • Maintenance can be anticipated and planned
    • Maintenance costs are reduced
    • Overload detection
    • Lower cost of ownership

    Machine Tools Industry

Maintenance can now be anticipated and planned.

Preventative maintenance of machinery and plants on the basis of real-time data is an important new trend. Sensors detect wear of critical machine components and transmit data to software which optimizes the maintenance plan and reduces unplanned downtime.

Automated data detection.

The new sensor technology Guard Plus is used to optimize machine maintenance and to minimize unplanned downtimes. The key benefit of this solution is the automated data detection which allows accurately timed maintenance. Problems can thus be detected at an early stage and necessary maintenance can be taken in time.

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  • ifm Electronics module.

    Electronics module.

    Together with sensor specialist ifm, Steinmeyer developed a system for the status monitoring of ball screws.