Precision is our strength.

  • In the key sector of machine tools, the demands for precision and reliability are continually increasing. Positioning and motion tasks in machine tool operation are the domain of precision ball screw drives with diameters ranging from 20mm to greater than 100mm. Great emphasis is placed on the dynamic delivery of rotary and longitudinal motion without backlash, as well as compliance with high standards of rigidity and longevity.

    Optimal drive solutions

    With a wide product portfolio of ball screws, Steinmeyer has the right drive solution for your application. We supply ball screw drives for machine tool construction with shaft design per customer drawing. The nut can either be chosen from our standard selection or made to customer requirements. Standard ball screw drives in ETA+ technology are optionally available in sizes which reflect a noticeable and measurable improvement in linear drive engineering.

    CNC machining centers

    Our precision ball screws with a nominal diameter of 16 mm and above are used in machine tool manufacturing. Great importance is attached to backlash-free and dynamic implementation of rotary and longitudinal motion, with simultaneous high demands on rigidity and service life. Here the application in feed axes of a CNC machining center with serveral identical ball screws in one machine.

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