Always above standard

  • The skill and experience of our staff has proven to be pivotal even for the assembly of high precision ball screw drives, since pairing of the spindle and nut is more than a simple task. The preload is adjusted during assembly: by selecting the precise ball diameter or using our patented UNILOCK preloading system (for a space-saving and infinitely-variable connection). In the case of UNILOCK, two nuts are clamped against each other positively using a cast epoxy resin ring. This makes it possible to create compact double nuts with greater stiffness and to set the preload easily, precisely, and with lasting effect.

    Optimum solutions for challenging applications

    Steinmeyer mounts ball screw drives with two different internal ball return systems – selected to match their respective application. For smaller pitches, track-to-track deflectors are used. We have perfected this principle to such a degree that the highest speeds are achieved with minimum heat build-up, while wear and variation of friction are reduced considerably. For larger pitches, through-the-nut deflectors are used that return the balls over the entire length of the nut. Our unique ball deflection elements guide the balls without jolts into the return channel where the geometry is precisely engineered to minimize friction.

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