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Nearly four decades in the service of the firm

Steinmeyer recognizes Managing Directors Alexander and Joachim Beck in their retirement.
After nearly 40 years as managing partners of the Steinmeyer Group, Alexander and Joachim Beck were recognized in their well-deserved retirement. In their time as...

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Rotary Stage 232

Steinmeyer Mechatronik expands OEM development

One of the latest OEM developments from Steinmeyer Mechatronik is the DT232 - a rotary stage for monitoring tasks. Exemplifying many other OEM developments, the company designed a system to use a radar sensor to implement a monitoring device.

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Digital Passameter

Digital Passameter with unique, high measuring travel

By help of the unique hand measuring tool Digital Passameter, for the high precision measurement on ground work pieces, tolerances of clearly less than 0.001 mm can be determined reliably.
And this is ensured over an active measuring range of 4 mm.

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