Ball Screws

Ball Screws from Steinmeyer

August Steinmeyer manufactures ball screws for a wide range of applications.

  • Advantages of Steinmeyer ball screws
    - Accuracy classes and finishing according to customer requirements
    - Ground and rolled executions available
    - High quality and long life
    - Certified processes through quality management systems
    - Service before and after purchase

     The different nut designs for ball screws
    - Single Nut with 4-point-contact
    - Double Nut (Pitch Shift, Lead Offset, and Unilock)
    - Spring preloaded double nut

    Ball Return Systems
    Ball nuts require a means to recirculate the balls. Without it, the ball path would not be closed and balls would fall out at the rear end of the nut.

    Ball Screws can be delivered with following Ball Return Systems

    Track-to-Track (Internal return)
    Through-the-nut-return (External return)
    End cap return (External return)
    Multiliner (Internal return)
    Z-ball return (External return)

  • Here are the main industry sectors we serve.

    - Machine Tool Industry
    - Custom Machinery
    - Robotics and Handling Systems
    - Semiconductor Fabrication, Optical Systems, and Medical Devices
    - Heavy Machine Tools, Injection Molding Machines, and Presses- 
    - Aerospace
    - Renewable Energies

Whether it is machine tool or special machine construction, medical devices, metrology, robotic and handling systems, or aerospace: every sector places special demands on precision and reliability. The experts at August Steinmeyer are taking on this challenge.The company is located in Albstadt, in the south of Germany.  With more than 450 employees, it is the leading competence center in Europe for the fully integrated manufacturing of high-precision ball screws.Experienced staff, constant dialogue with customers, and leading edge technologies make Steinmeyer a dependable and valuable partner. The product range of Steinmeyer includes different ball screws for a large variety of applications.

Globally, customers appreciate Steinmeyer ball screws for their extraordinary quality and precision. In addition to standard versions, we also produce application-specific solutions.

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