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1. Robot and Handling Systems  
This area is distinguished by high speed motion and lower demands on positioning accuracy. For ball screw drives, a large pitch to diameter ratio and rolled spindle shafts are required. Dynamics and  
2. Custom Machinery  
Individual products for versatile applications In most cases, the demands on custom machine construction also necessitate individual solutions regarding drive technology. For special machine construc  
3. Machine-tools  
In the key sector of machine tools, the demands for precision and reliability are continually increasing. Positioning and motion tasks in machine tool operation are the domain of precision ball screw  
4. Single nut with 4-point-contact  
Single nut with 4-point-contact This is an abstract of our product portfolio. Special sizes available on request. S* = Preferred standard series with shortened delivery times.  
5. Data Protection  
Privacy Policy 1. An overview of data protection General information The following information will provide you with an easy to navigate overview of what will happen with your personal data wh  
6. Nut with connecting thread  
Nuts with connecting thread on mounting sleeve Rolled Ball Screws A benefit of a rolled ball screw with connecting thread nut is the higher rigidity and accuracy. In addition, the connecting thread  
7. Flange single nut  
Flange nuts on mounting sleeve Rolled Ball Screws   A benefit of a rolled ball screw with flanged nut is the increased rigidity and precision of the system due to better bearing of the balls. I  
8. Rolled Ball Screws  
Automation Cost-optimized, special lubrication e.g. grease for long-term lubrication, smooth-running, high-temperature, low-temperature and food-grade grease Woodworking Industry Optionally with  
9. Screw shafts  
Screw shafts Available for rolled ball screws of the following model series 2446, 3446, 8436, 8446, 8132 and 8142. Technical data and dimensions The maximum available length of screw shafts is specif  
10. Certification  
We achieve high precision products in drive technology, positioning technology and metrology because of our high quality standards. Comprehensive quality requirements are ensured by certified processe  
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