Grease Lubrication Intervals and Quantities

Manual Re-Lubrication

Automatic Re-Lubrication

Technical Tip

For non-aerospace applications, when re-lubricating manually using a grease gun, make sure not to pump more grease than indicated in the table. Exceeding the recommended quantities will not only overfill the nut, but can actually pressurize it and push the wipers out of their locations!

Ball screws for aerospace use are normally greased to a point where fresh grease appears either at both ends of the nut underneath the wipers or ice scrapers, or at a relief valve. Filling the nut completely is desirable in aerospace applications because the grease keeps water from entering the nut. Due to the low average speeds of most aerospace actuator screws there is no risk of overheating from excessive amounts of grease inside the nut, as would be the case in machine tools with their rapid motion.

* The automatic re-lubrication should use grease class NLGI 00 or NLGI 000 and grease quantity as specified per shot. A re-lubrication interval should be between 4 and 8 operating hours or after a distance of 500 m.

In addition, every time the machine axis is initially turned on a lubrication impulse should also occur.