Double Nut (UNILOCK)

Double nuts from Steinmeyer do not depend on the usual spacer ring or other hardware to separate the two nuts. Our patented UNILOCK coupling ensures a robust connection of the two nut halves. Thus Steinmeyer's double nut is almost as compact and stiff as a single-piece design. Moreover, it prevents radial slippage of the two halves, so the UNILOCK double nut cannot be misaligned by rough handling. The coupling is rugged and absolutely tight to prevent loss of lubricant.

Advantages of a double nut are:

  • 2-point contact for higher rigidity and efficiency
  • Simplified production compared to lead-offset nuts when the nut is long and helix angles are large
  • Easier factory setting of preload without changing of balls, thus economical

Disadvantages are:

  • Longer nut body compared to single nuts, and somewhat higher cost
  • As in all nuts with 2-point contact, the maximum thrust should not exceed 2.8 times the preload