Lead Error Fluctuation Over One Revolution (Lead Wobble)

Ball screws are globally defined by the ISO standard 3408, which is compatible to DIN 69051 to a large extent. In Japan the JIS 1902 standard is valid while in the USA the ANSI standard B92.1 is still occasionally used.

Concerning nut dimensions, the ISO standard has achieved acceptance, at least where nuts are equipped with the space-saving internal deflection system. Quite often old data or specifications from other standards are used to define a ball screw. Therefore, please be cautious when trying to directly compare parameters such as load capacity or stiffness. While JIS and ISO standard are quite similar when describing accuracies or load capacities, the ANSI standard is quite different, especially regarding load capacity. 

Steinmeyer exclusevely uses the ISO definitions.

Technical Tip

The variation of the lead within one revolution, the so-called wobble-error usually is sinusoidal.

Here the DIN standard allows relatively coarse tolerances. If needed, this tolerance can be restricted.